About Christina's Creations

A little about me!

As you might know my name is Christina D. I am 18 years old. Art has always been a big part in my life. From school projects, to painting my nails, I always use my creative side to do everything. Some people get discouraged by my age, and think how could a 18 year old be doing so well in face painting? To those people I answer, you don’t need to be a specific age, or even gender; you just have to have the passion.  I have always loved to work with children, I have grown up being a “big helper”, because my mom owns a daycare and it is just something I enjoyed doing. At the same time makeup was my other favorite hobby.  When I turned 15 I decided I needed to get a job, but all the jobs I saw worked with food or had to long of hours. I used to like to volunteer, not “work” because I knew everything I did would be appreciated. I know that if I work in a big company I would never get noticed for my accomplishments, and when I face paint, the best compliment is the look on a child’s face when they see their design. I discussed with my mom what she thought about me starting my own face painting business. She was all for it, as long as I took all the responsibilities. And this is what sparked “Christina’s Creations”. I think it is the best thing is to be able to have a job, but be able to workaround a certain schedule, especially when you must balance a job and school work. It has been working out amazing, and I could never ask for anything better.